This November test yourself against the running challenge series inspired by the formidable Russian Special Forces selection tests. Choose your entry-level and pit yourself against 4-weeks of challenges to discover what you're truly made of.


This is an online challenge series, meaning that you take part from your own location in your own time. How it works is really simple:
  • 1. Create Free Account

    Prior to the start date, create a free Rokman account. It takes less time than it does to do five burpees.

  • 2. Track Your Attempts

    Track your runs with your go-to fitness tracker (e.g. Strava, Garmin) and film any required strength workouts with your camera.

  • 3. Submit Your Evidence

    Upload your evidence to our submission form for review, verification and scoring. Easy.

Who are the Russian Spetsnaz?

Spetsnaz refers to the special operations section of the GRU, Russia's military intelligence service.

The selection process for Spetsnaz troops is gruelling, and training can last up to five years. Recruits are submitted to an intense and deliberately brutal five-month long induction intended to strip away dignity and instil the toughness and resilience needed to endure harsh combat conditions.

This challenge series will provide just a small taster of the selection process, featuring challenges that have been inspired by, and directly apdated from, actual Spetsnaz tests.

Why Take Part?

  • Test and build your physical and mental resilience again challenges inspired by some of the toughest warriors on the planet.

  • Runs perfectly alongside your current training, helping to fuel your motivational fires, keeping you focussed on your fitness goals.

  • Join the Team Rokman community and become part of the growing movement.

Week 1: Selection

Run 3,000m for Time

Day one of the Spetsnaz selection process usually starts with a medium distance 3km run in relatively comfortable conditions. For our challenge, you are required to run 3,000m best effort for time.

Week 2: Iron Curtain Circuit

Number of Circuits in 10-minutes

15 push-ups (male)/kneeing push-ups (female)
15 sit-ups
15 squat thrusts
15 standing burpees

As with many military training regimes, Spetsnaz training involves functional bodyweight training to improve strength and overall fitness. For this strength test, you must perform the set number of repetitions for each exercise back-to-back without a break to complete one circuit. The aim of the test is to perform as many completed circuits as possible within 10 minutes.

Week 3: Soviet Sundays

10km Weighted March

Advanced: 20kg
Intermediate: 15kg
Moderate: 10kg
Novice: 5kg

For “good” service during the week, on Sunday's, recruits can be awarded with a 10km dash, but this time in full gear — with a machine gun, helmet, body armour, and duffel bag on your back. For our test, you are required to take on a 10km march with weight specific to your level of entry.

Week 4: Alpha Unit

Long-Distance Endurance Run

Advanced: 40km
Intermediate: 30km
Moderate: 20km
Novice: 10km

This distance may be split up into multiple workouts over the week.

Those wishing to join the elite level unit of the Spetsnaz, Alpha Unit, you must undergo further specialised training. While classified, this training is known to consist of long-distance forced marches in the freezing weather. For the fourth and final challenge of the Russian Spetsnaz Challenge Series, you are required to complete a long-distance endurance run for time specific to your level of entry.

Upgrade Your Free Entry

Get the Full Challenge Series Experience

Rokman Challenge Series are completely free to enter and take part. However, to get the full challenge series experience you may upgrade your entry at any time by purchasing a Rokman Challenge Pack. Benefits include:

➡️ Manual review, validation and scoring of your challenge attempt
➡️ Rokman Finishers Pip awarded upon completion
➡️ 50% Off Rokman T-Shirt
➡️ Access to the 'opt-in' Challenge Series Leaderboard

Challenge Series Leaderboard

Healthy competition to help push your limits

Although Rokman challenges are primarily personal journeys of self-discovery and improvement, an 'opt-in' leaderboard is kept for a bit of competitive fun as part of the Challenge Pack benefits.

Earn Your Rokman Pip

Small Patch. Big Significance.

As part of the Challenge Pack, you will be awarded your iron-on Rokman Finishers Pip upon successful challenge series completion.

To be worn on the sleeve of your training t-shirt, this small patch represents the fact that, when faced with adversity, you tackled it head-on, digging deep and overcoming the most intimidating challenge possible. Wear it with pride.


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